What’s the Deal with My Garage Door Not Going Up?

Reasons Garage Door Won’t Open And Close
Reasons Garage Door Won’t Open And Close

1. Photo Eye Is Out of Alignment

The photo-eye is the safety sensor on the garage door. Its job is to detect a person or object in the way of the door. If you hear a clicking noise and see a light flash from the garage door opener, there may be an issue with the photo-eye.

  • Clean the photo-eye: Dirt and dust can sometimes clog the sensor and freeze the garage door in place. As a safety feature, the photo-eye is programmed to instantly respond to any obstruction in the path of the garage door. If the photo eye recognizes anything in its way — even as small as a speck of dust or debris — the garage door will stay open. Clean the photo-eye with a cloth or a tissue and test the garage door.
  • Remove larger obstructions: The photo-eye involves two pieces that align face-to-face across each side of the garage door. A pea-sized LED laser beam is sent from one end to the other, detecting people or objects in the path of the garage door. If something is in the way, the garage door won’t open. Remove the obstruction from the path of the photo-eye. If the object caused damage to the photo eye, call in a service technician to replace the hardware.
  • Inspect the alignment of the two pieces of the photo eye: When the photo eye is misaligned, each piece of the eye misses the LED laser beam from the other. The photo eye can only open or close the garage door if each piece of the photo eye receives the LED laser beam from the other side. Photo eyes can become misaligned by excessive use or physical pressure. Use a level to make sure both of your photo eyes are installed at equal heights.
  • Check the wiring of the photo eyes: The photo eye is about four to six inches off the ground for most doors. The cord attached to the eye could become damaged due to harsh rainstorms, hungry pests and excessive use. Check the cord attached to the eye for water damage or rips. If the wires are broken, you’ll have to replace the photo eye sensor.

2. Track Is Not Aligned Properly

When the automatic garage door opener activates, the cables physically maneuver the door while the strings control its speed. The metal tracks keep the garage door in line and help the operating system function efficiently. The tracks of the garage door must be straight and even at all times for the garage door to open and close.

  • Be gentle with the door: If your garage door won’t fully open, forcing the door open or closed could damage the door. Dealing with the garage door forcefully could bend the vertical tracks and pop the door out. Protect yourself and your property by carefully trying to maneuver your door.
  • Use your eyes and ears: Make sure the door is gliding smoothly along the track. Check the track for bends, gaps or obstacles. Listen to and watch the door’s path along the track. If you hear areas of friction or see jams along the track, a misaligned track could be the issue.
  • Adjust the track yourself: Before making any adjustments to the garage door track, check that the door is completely closed. For an extra safety measure, turn off the automatic feature on your garage. To realign the garage door into the track, loosen the screws that hold the track to its frame. Gently tap the track back into its proper position and tighten up the screws again. The overhead track should be the same distance away from the door as the wall track.

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Reasons Garage Door Won’t Open And Close
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