How Do You Improve Your Google Maps Rank in 2021?

Rank Higher in Google Map Listing with Position Punisher Local SEO
Rank Higher in Google Map Listing with Position Punisher Local SEO

First, Get on Google Maps

The first and most important step is always to get on the platform. If you aren’t on Google Maps, you won’t be able to rank. Fortunately, adding your company to Google Maps is a simple process. All you have to do is go to Google Maps and type in the name of your company. Because anyone may add a business to Google Maps, it’s crucial to double-check if yours has been included.

Complete Your Profile

The process of getting listed on Google Maps is easy because anyone can do it and you only need to provide three pieces of information. To rank highly in search results, you’ll need a more complete profile. Claiming your business on Google Maps lets you unlock the deeper profile so that you can create a complete business listing.

Include Quality Photos

Pictures can be worth far more than the written content that you put into your profile. People want to see a place before they determine if they want to shop there. You can add pictures to your profile to present different aspects of the company, including what it looks like inside and out. Many customers make their decisions based on visual evidence, so it can help you gain customers by showing them what your company looks like.

Collect Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful resources that you have at your disposal for converting sales. When people investigate a company to determine if they should shop with that company, there is an ever-present risk. The relationship between the company and the customer is new, and customers are unsure if they can trust you. One way around this is social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials.

One Listing Per Facility

The key to having Google Maps be as effective as it can be is to limit your listings to one per facility. It is technically possible to list your company more than once, and there are situations where this is a good idea. However, each separate facility should only be listed once.

Manage Your Listing and Post Regularly

Your Google Maps listing has many of the same features as other social media platforms. You can use it to advertise your business through posts. Posting regularly shows Google that you are committed to providing value to your customers, and it will add that to the ranking calculations.

Partner with a Content Specialist

Your company can partner with content specialists to get the most out of your systems. At Position Punisher LLC we are the Best SEO Company in Phoenix and we specialize in SEO and content development.

Top Rated SEO Company in Arizona
Top Rated SEO Company in Arizona



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