How a New Garage Door Can Aid in Energy Savings

Shuvashis Das
3 min readOct 10, 2021

Like the majority of people, you’ve undoubtedly been considering ways to make your home more energy-efficient. You might want to lower your household’s carbon footprint, save money on electricity, or do both!

Garage Door Installed By Augusta’s Premier Garage Door
Garage Door Installed By Augusta’s Premier Garage Door

Whatever your motivation, you’ve definitely received a lot of advice on how to achieve your objective. Many people overlook the important impact that a new insulated garage door can play in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

What Does It Mean to Have an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

Because it helps manage the temperature in your home, an energy-efficient garage door will minimize your household’s energy bills.

What are the best energy-efficient garage doors?

The most energy-efficient garage doors are constructed of numerous layers of steel and insulation, with polystyrene and polyurethane being the most effective insulation materials.

An insulated garage door will go a long way toward keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer when it comes to efficiency. Insulated garage doors keep the air within your home from escaping, saving you money on energy bills.

How Can a New Garage Door Decrease Energy Costs?

Here are a few reasons from a top-rated garage door company why you should start with your garage door if you want to make your garage more energy-efficient:

It maintains a comfortable temperature in your home

Although you probably don’t spend much time in your garage, it is still a part of your home. Heat and cold air can radiate from your garage into the rest of your house through shared walls if it is not insulated. This could be the reason why you’re continually adjusting your thermostat!

By upgrading to an insulated garage door, you can save time and money.

It reduces energy use and, as a result, energy costs

This may sound self-evident, but it’s true: lower energy consumption equals lower energy costs. But how might a new garage door help you save money on energy?

There’s a trend here, and it all boils down to the insulation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, properly insulating and air sealing a home can save heating and cooling expenditures by 15%. When it comes to insulation, it’s easy to overlook your garage door, but it may make a big difference.

It has the potential to improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s battery

When it comes to lowering energy expenditures in your garage, your automobile is definitely not what you had in mind, but it’s a terrific bonus! The battery in your automobile suffers greatly in the summer due to the extreme heat.

High temperatures might cause the battery’s liquid to evaporate, reducing its lifespan.

An insulated garage door will keep the heat out, allowing your vehicle’s battery to last longer.

Update Your Garage Today

Are you ready to cut costs and improve your home’s energy efficiency with an insulated garage door? Contact Augusta’s Premier Garage Door Company, a garage door replacement service!

Augusta’s Premier Garage Door
Augusta’s Premier Garage Door

Give us a call at (706) 651–9090 if you’re looking for a new energy-efficient garage door or contact us online. We proudly offer service throughout the Augusta area, and we provide free estimates for new garage door installations.

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