Best 7 Link Building Strategies To Drive More Traffic

If you’re attempting to get people to visit your website, you’ve probably heard of link building. When a company has more links online, search engines want to rank it higher. It means they have a broader area of influence, which is something clients value. Creating links in various locations should be a part of enhancing your website’s SEO.

Links also increase traffic by providing easier access to your website for potential clients. You can take advantage of this by placing links in locations where qualified leads can be found. This makes it easy to locate potential clients who are interested in your products and services.

Best 7 Link Building Strategies
Best 7 Link Building Strategies

7 link building services that work

Guest Posts

Creating guest posts is one strategy to build links across the internet. Guest posts are articles written for other people’s blogs. You can have this post written for you by a content writing business.

This can help you establish a reputation as an expert in your field. More significantly, it embeds links to your website in other locations, making it easier for potential customers to find you while they’re looking for items and services.

It might be simple to locate alternative websites for which to submit guest posts. Many will provide guest posting guidelines if you ask for them or if you visit their website. For the best chances, check any writing requirements carefully to ensure that you follow the format and style they want to see. You’re unlikely to make money from your post, but you shouldn’t have to pay for one if you go straight to the site where it will be published.

Press Releases

Press releases can be an efficient strategy to get links published on your behalf by news and media organizations. You can write about new product launches, noteworthy hires, or receiving a service award and send it to local or industry news organizations. You can use distribution services to send press releases to relevant organizations; some are free, while others charge a fee.


Participating in interviews is an excellent strategy to increase the number of links to your website. If you appear as a guest on a podcast or radio show, for example, your company’s link can be included in the episode notes, on the podcast’s website, and social media. Many shows have formalized their pitching procedures.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Signing up for Help a Reporter Out, or HARO is one of the more unusual link-building strategies you could try. You can provide your knowledge to assist a writer in creating a well-researched article while also gaining a backlink to your website. If this is a tactic you wish to use regularly, you can pay to make an account on the website, or you can simply sign up for free email notifications for your industry and respond to any relevant inquiries you find.

Hire a Professional Link Building Company

Find a good backlink service if you want to engage a professional link-building service. There are a lot of low-cost link-building services out there, but buying mass backlinks is usually not a good idea. Professional businesses with a proven track record, such as Position Punisher, a top-rated SEO company in Arizona, can provide successful link-building services. Look for a service that prioritizes the placement of links on high-quality, current, and relevant websites so that your links have greater weight with audiences and search engines.

Outreach to Bloggers

You might always contact bloggers to see if a hyperlink on their site is possible. If you produce an educational article about how to write a guest post, for example, you could contact the owner of a writing blog to ask if they will link to it in a post that lists all of the resources for learning how to write a guest post. The more unique and important information your post contains, the more likely it is to be successful.


The majority of social media and the internet are visual interfaces. People are more likely to be engaged while reading information from an infographic than from a long, statistic-heavy text. You might include a link to your website in the infographic’s text and hope that it is widely shared and referred to.

Contact a Professional SEO Agency

If you are looking for the best link-building service, consider working with Position Punisher, the best SEO company in Phoenix. At Position Punisher, we offer link-building services as part of our SEO services. We are not just a link-building company.

Position Punisher
Position Punisher
Position Punisher

Rather we offer SEO link-building services in conjunction with other web development and SEO services that can help your company thrive. Call (602) 799–4253 to learn more about our services and how we can help.

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