7 Easy Way to Install a Single Torsion Spring on a Garage Door

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If your garage door’s torsion springs are broken, you can save money by replacing them yourself. However, completing the job effectively without the help of an expert can be challenging.

You can avoid injuries during the replacement with the correct information and expertise. Continue reading to find out how to replace a single torsion spring on a garage door by a Top Rated Garage Door Company.

Garage Door Single Torsion Spring Installed By Florida Garage Door Guru
Garage Door Single Torsion Spring Installed By Florida Garage Door Guru

How To Install A Single Torsion Spring On A Garage Door

Clamp the Door to the Track

In the first step, you need to clamp the locking pliers, which prevents the door from going upward while you replace the garage door spring. Its second job is to protect you while installing the newer spring later on. To do so, pull the cord and let loose the door opener before replacing the spring.

Loosen and Unwind the Functional Garage Door Spring

By pushing the winding bar into the spring’s bottom hole, lose the functional spring. To avoid any movement, lose the screws while keeping hold of the bar.

To avoid any injuries, hold the bar very strongly. The spring can give a powerful push, so a solid grip will ensure you are safe. Move the winding bar into a straighter position and then remove the bottom bar. To unwind the garage door spring, do a quarter turn.

Disconnect the Springs

Remove the bolts and nuts from central brackets and hold the torsion tube using locking pliers. Insert them into the bracket and loosen the screw after checking the left and right cable drums. Now you can disconnect the cables.

Remove the Old Spring

To remove the old spring, slide the torsion tube to either left or right, depending on your garage door type. Next, install the new spring to the torsion tube. Install garage door wire and cable drum in place. Now place the torsion bar with a new spring.

Install the New Center Bearing

Attach stationary cones with the bracket and then install the right spring while propelling the bearing to the cone. Now install the drum before you connect the stationary cones.

Insert Cables and Tighten Drums

Now’s the time for the installation of new cables. Steer the lift cables that are between the doorjamb and rollers. Next, move the lift cable stop, so it reaches the drum. Make sure the cable is firm, and then tighten the set screws of winding grooves.

Do the same for the other side and make sure the door has equal tension on both sides.

Next, use a winding bar to wind the cone towards the ceiling.

Finish the Installation

To install a single torsion spring on the garage door, you just need to accomplish one final step.

Use a winding bar to stretch the spring. This is an important step before tightening the set screws. Take a garage door spray and lubricate the spring.

Summing Up

Following the above steps, you may now have a pretty good idea of how to install a single torsion spring on a garage door.

Florida Garage Door Guru
Florida Garage Door Guru

Sometimes the installation doesn’t go smoothly your door might not work as you expected. Now that you have done your part, it’s time to call the garage door experts. Let the professionals handle your worries. Call (321) 634–4778 for fast service!



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